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About the Owner:

Michael Flynn with over 30 years combined experience in the rug and carpet cleaning industry has ten years of hands on cleaning experience and ten years as General Manager of the most reputable Oriental Rug Cleaning and Restoration business in New York.

Michael handles every consultation and estimate personally and is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding your fine floor coverings and fine fabrics.


Our Technicians each have more than ten years of experience in cleaning natural fibers such as wool and cotton.

There are various types of cleaning for natural fibers as well as man-made fibers. Our expert technicians have the know how and years of hands on experience when it comes to determining which process will be used to clean these fibers.

New York Magazine Best of New York Services 2016 (March 7-20 2016 Edition)

Pet Owner’s Carpet Cleaner ~ Flynn's Carpet & Fabric Care (800) 256-1899

Nothing scares New Jersey–based rug doctor Michael Flynn, who specializes in getting out pet stains. Urine is notoriously clingy (animals often re-offend on previously marked territory), so Flynn uses special detergents that break down urine salts, then rinses the rug thoroughly to remove any trace of the scent. And Flynn solves a range of problems that come with dog-hair-strewn households, from housebreaking emergencies (he makes same-day house calls) to chronic allergies. While high-residue detergents and shoddy rinses can leave a carpet more soiled and sneeze-inducing than before, Flynn’s hypoallergenic carpet cleanse (cleaning for an eight-by-ten wool rug starts at $350) staves off dust mites for around six months, fighting indoor crud at the root.

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